SAT Vocab Quiz | SAT 2023 May (B)


2023 may

A. The injured athlete was able to return to _______ status after months of rehabilitation.
B. The hospital implemented _______ care services to provide outpatient treatment for less severe medical cases.

a) ambulatory
b) sedentary
c) stationary
d) obedient

A. The data collected in the study _______ the expected outcomes and supported the research hypothesis.
B. The color-coded map _______ the different regions, making it easier to navigate and understand.

a) contradicted
b) diverged from
3) discrepant
d) corresponded to

A. The student was always punctual and _______ with the classroom rules, making them a model of good behavior.
B. The software update ensured that the system remained _______ with the latest security standards.

a) acute
b) atrocious
c) straightforward
d) compliant

A. The project manager _______ the delivery of materials and equipment to ensure a smooth construction process.
B. The travel agent _______ hotel reservations, transportation, and sightseeing tours to provide a comprehensive vacation package.

a) unplanned for
b) speculated for
c) coordianted for
d) accounted for

A. The survey data showed that higher levels of education _______ higher income levels for the participants.
B. The study found that there is a high level of anxiety _______ individuals with chronic pain.

a) correlated in
b) unrelated in
c) disconnected in
d) independent in

A. In the historical era, different artistic movements _______ the same time, each contributing unique perspectives to the art world.
B. The ancient ruins and modern structures _______ the archaeological site, showcasing the layers of history in one place.

a) separated at
b) coexisted at
c) isolated at
d) divided at


A. The renowned scientist _______ their groundbreaking research and contributions to the field of medicine.
B. The artist _______ their creativity, capturing the essence of emotions and beauty in their artwork.

a) was criticized for
b) was discredited for
c) was scorned for
d) was esteemed for

A. The fame and popularity of internet memes are often _______, with new trends quickly replacing the old ones.
B. The joy of a fireworks display is _______, captivating the audience for a few moments before fading away.

a) ambulatory
b) ephemeral
c) stationary
d) obedient

A. Leaves that fall to the ground in autumn _______ over time, enriching the soil with nutrients.
B. Food waste left unattended will _______ and emit unpleasant odors.

a) decompose
b) preserve
c) maintain
d) sustain

A. The prices at the exclusive restaurant were _______ high, making it inaccessible to many.
B. The comedian told an _______ funny joke that had the entire audience laughing uncontrollably.

a) moderately
b) mildly
c) outrageously
d) reasonably

1. The artist’s painting depicted a controversial scene and was displayed _______ to spark discussions and debates.
2. She dressed _______ for the party, wearing a daring outfit that drew all eyes to her.

a) provocatively
b) modestly
c) conservatively
d) tastefully

A. The customer service representative spoke _______ slowly, making the already frustrating situation even more unbearable.
B. The traffic jam on the highway moved _______ slowly, causing long delays and frustration among the drivers.

a) exasperatingly
b) soothingly
c) calmly
d) pleasingly

A. The rainy weather made the day feel _______ and melancholic, with gray clouds covering the sky.
B. The abandoned house had a _______ atmosphere, with cobwebs and dust covering the furniture.

a) dreary
b) lively
c) vibrant
d) deliberate

1. The room was lit by a single _______ lamp, casting a soft and cozy glow.
2. The fading sunlight created a _______ atmosphere as the evening approached.

a) dim
b) speculative
c) neglective
d) unassertive

A. The sunset painted the sky with vibrant hues of orange and pink, and the horizon _______ with a breathtaking beauty.
B. Her face lit up with a smile, and her eyes _______ with excitement as she received the good news.

a) dimmed
b) faded
c) dull
d) glowed






1. ambulatory
“Ambulatory” is an adjective that refers to the ability to walk or move around. It describes someone or something that is capable of independent mobility. It can also relate to medical contexts, indicating a patient who is able to walk or is not confined to bed.

2. corresponded to
“Corresponded to” is a verb phrase that means to match, align, or be in agreement with something. It indicates a correspondence or relationship between two or more things.

3. compliant
“Compliant” is an adjective that describes someone or something that follows rules, regulations, or instructions willingly and without resistance. It suggests a willingness to conform or adhere to guidelines or standards.

4. coordianted for
“Coordinated for” is a phrase that indicates arranging or organizing something in a synchronized or harmonized manner. It implies taking the necessary steps to plan and execute an activity or event.

5. correlated in
“Correlated in” suggests a relationship or connection between two or more things or variables. It indicates that there is a mutual influence or association between them.

6. coexisted at
“Coexisted at” refers to the simultaneous existence of two or more things or entities in the same place or time period. It suggests that multiple elements or entities exist together without conflict or contradiction.

7. be esteemed for
“Be esteemed for” means to be highly regarded, valued, or respected for a particular quality, skill, or attribute. It implies that someone or something is held in high esteem or regard by others.

8. ephemeral
“Ephemeral” is an adjective that describes something that is short-lived, fleeting, or lasting for a brief period of time. It suggests something that is temporary, transient, or quickly passing.

9. decompose
“Decompose” is a verb that refers to the process of breaking down or rotting into simpler components or elements. It involves the natural or chemical breakdown of organic matter into smaller, simpler substances.

10. outrageously
“Outrageously” is an adverb that describes something done in an extremely bold, excessive, or shocking manner. It suggests behavior or actions that are beyond what is considered normal or acceptable.

11. provocatively
“Provocatively” is an adverb that describes something done in a manner intended to provoke, stimulate, or arouse a reaction or response from others. It suggests behavior, clothing, or statements that are intended to be attention-grabbing, controversial, or challenging.

12. exasperatingly
“Exasperatingly” is an adverb that describes something done in a manner that causes frustration, annoyance, or irritation. It suggests behavior or situations that are aggravating or maddening.

13. dreary
“Dreary” is an adjective that describes something as dull, gloomy, or lacking in interest or excitement. It suggests a sense of sadness, monotony, or a lack of brightness.

14. dim
“Dim” is an adjective that describes something as having low or inadequate light, visibility, or brightness. It suggests a lack of illumination or a subdued quality.

15. glow
“Glow” means to emit a soft, warm, or steady light. It can also be used metaphorically to describe a state of radiance or inner joy.