SAT Vocab Quiz | SAT 2022 May


SAT 2022 May



A. The weather forecast predicted a _______ day with non-stop rain and heavy clouds.
B. The team’s performance in the match was _______, resulting in a crushing defeat.

a) dismal
b) dismay
c) dismantle
d) dismissal


A. The dark clouds and eerie silence created a sense of _______, hinting at an impending storm.
B. The protagonist couldn’t shake off the feeling of _______ as they embarked on their dangerous mission.

a) forbidding
b) foresight
c) forbearing
d) foreboding


A. After the car accident, he was ______ by the impact and couldn’t remember what had happened.
B. The sudden news of her promotion left her ______ by the unexpected turn of events.

a) fazed
b) hazed
c) grazed
d) dazed


A. The soft fur of the puppy was a delight to her ______ senses as she ran her fingers through it.
B. The blind artist created beautiful sculptures using his keen ______ perception.

a) tactful
b) tactical
c) tactile
d) immaterial


A. He apologized for his mistake and promised to _______ it immediately.
B. The company took prompt action to _______ the manufacturing error and ensure product quality.

a) rectify
b) worsen
c) exacerbate
d) ignore


A. Lack of sleep made him _______ and shorttempered throughout the day.
B. The hot weather made everyone in the office feel _______ and agitated.

a) easygoing
b) irritable
c) admirable
d) miserable


A. The documentary offered multiple _______ on the historical event, allowing viewers to form their own opinions.
B. The diverse backgrounds of the team members allowed for a wide range of _______ during the brainstorming session.

a) respectives
b) persistives
c) prospectives
d) perspectives


A. The _______ use of pesticides harmed both pests and beneficial insects.
B. She received _______ criticism for her work without any valid reasons.

a) selective
b) indiscriminate
c) careful
d) deliberate


A. The country fought for its _______ and independence from colonial rule.
B. The monarch’s _______ was respected by the citizens, who recognized their ruler’s authority.

a) sovereignty
b) subjugation
c) dependence
d) control


A. The newly renovated apartment had a _______ living room and a large kitchen.
B. The hotel suite boasted a _______ bedroom with a comfortable sitting area.

a) suspicious
b) tenacious
c) spacious
d) cramped


A. The soldiers swore their _______ to their country and were ready to defend it.
B. She showed unwavering _______ to her family, always putting their needs above her own.

a) allegiance
b) treason
c) betrayal
d) legislation


A. The new policy sparked _______ among the citizens, leading to heated debates.
B. The artist’s latest exhibition stirred up _______ due to its provocative content.

a) agreement
b) consensus
c) contrary
d) controversy


A. Due to a lack of proper editing, the novel had a _______ narrative that confused readers.
B. The team’s performance was _______, with players not coordinating their actions effectively.

a) coherent
b) convergent
c) logical
d) disjointed


A. During the Civil Rights Movement, African Americans fought against being _______ in schools and public facilities.
B. The neighborhood was heavily _______, with different ethnic groups living in separate areas.

a) integrated
b) unified
c) segregated
d) inclusive


A. The athlete’s _______ during training paid off when he won the gold medal.
B. She completed the project through tireless _______, working day and night to meet the deadline.

a) exertions
b) extensions
c) excursions
d) exaltations


A. The river carried a heavy load of _______, causing the water to appear muddy.
B. Over time, the layers of _______ build up and form sedimentary rocks.

a) sentiment
b) sediment
c) seditious
d) sedative


A. The novel’s _______ embark on a thrilling adventure to save the world from destruction.
B. The movie features a strong and courageous _______ who overcomes numerous challenges.

a) antagonists
b) supporting characters
c) protestant
d) protagonists


A. The journalist’s article presented various _______ about the upcoming election results.
B. It’s best not to rely on _______ and wait for official information before making conclusions.

a) spectacles
b) speculations
c) specifications
d) suspicions


A. She felt a sense of _______ before taking the final exam, fearing she hadn’t studied enough.
B. The villagers lived in _______ of the approaching hurricane, preparing for its potential destruction.

a) dread
b) thread
c) tread
d) spread


A. The family _______ in a cozy cottage by the lake.
B. The author often _______ on themes of love and loss in his novels.

a) vacates
b) abandons
c) dwells
d) leaves





2022 may US

1. Dismal
“Dismal” is an adjective that means depressing, gloomy, or bleak.

2. foreboding
“Foreboding” is a noun that refers to a feeling or prediction of something bad or unpleasant that is about to happen.

3. “Dazed by”
Confused or bewildered, often due to a shocking or unexpected event.

4. “Tactile”
Relating to the sense of touch or the ability to perceive through touch.

5. “Rectify”
To correct or make right, especially a mistake or a wrongdoing.

6. “Irritable”
Easily annoyed or prone to irritation

7. “Perspectives”
Different ways of looking at or understanding a situation, idea, or concept.

8. “Indiscriminate”
Without careful selection or consideration; random or without discrimination.

9. “Sovereignty”
Supreme authority or power to govern oneself or a territory independently.

10. “Spacious”
Having ample space or roomy in size.

11. “Allegiance”
Meaning Loyalty or commitment to a person, group, or cause.

12. “Controversy”
Meaning Disagreements or disputes, often resulting from opposing viewpoints or conflicting opinions.

13. “Disjointed”
Meaning Lacking coherence or connection; not flowing smoothly or logically.

14. “Segregated”
Meaning Separated or set apart from others, often based on factors such as race, gender, or religion.

15. “Exertions”
Meaning Vigorous efforts or strenuous actions.

16. “Sediment”
Meaning Solid material that settles at the bottom of a liquid or is deposited by wind or water.

17. “Protagonist”
Meaning Main character or leading figure in a story, play, or any other narrative.

18. “Speculations”
Meaning The act of forming opinions or making guesses about something without having complete knowledge or evidence.

19. “Dread”
Meaning Intense fear or apprehension about something unpleasant or threatening.

20. “Dwells”
Meaning To live or reside in a particular place.