SAT Vocab Quiz | SAT 2022 March


SAT 2022 March



A. The mystery novel’s plot _______ the readers and kept them guessing until the very end.

B. The historical documentary _______ viewers with its unknown facts and hidden secrets.

  1. a) intrigued
  2. b) integrated
  3. c) intricated
  4. d) intrepid



A. The writer was known for being _______ and rarely made public appearances.

B. After retiring, the elderly woman became _______ and rarely left her house.

  1. a) exclusive
  2. b) elusive
  3. c) inclusive
  4. d) reclusive



A. In this equation, x and y are _______, meaning they have the same value.

B. The US dollar’s value was _______ to 0.85 euros.

  1. a) dissimilar
  2. b) incomparable
  3. c) equator
  4. d) equivalent



A. The magician’s tricks were so skillful that they created  _______ illusion for the audience.

B. The advertisement’s _______ claims misled customers into purchasing a subpar product.

  1. a) transparent
  2. b) exceptive
  3. c) deceptive
  4. d) decrepit



A. The employees were required to _______ the company’s dress code during office hours.

B. The artist chose to _______ the traditional painting techniques of the time.

  1. a) conform to
  2. b) transform to
  3. c) inform to
  4. d) perform to



A. The detective suspected that she was _______, so she increased her security measures.

B. The predator silently _______ its prey through the dense forest.

  1. a) stacked
  2. b) stalked
  3. c) slaked
  4. d) stealed



A. After moving to a new country, it took some time for the family to _______ the different culture and lifestyle.

B. The athlete had to _______ the high altitude to perform well in the mountainous region.

  1. a) adjust to
  2. b) adduct to
  3. c) abduct to
  4. d) distract to



A. The lawyer presented evidence to prove the _______ of his client’s claim in court.

B. There were doubts regarding the _______ of the election results, leading to calls for a recount.

  1. a) invalidity
  2. b) legitimacy
  3. c) unlawfulness
  4. d) sovereignty



A. After a lengthy debate, the politician decided to _______ to his opponent’s argument.

B. The losing team had no choice but to _______ defeat to the superior opponents.

  1. a) concede
  2. b) conceit
  3. c) conceal
  4. d) conceive



A. Experts in the field _______ that advancements in technology will revolutionize the healthcare industry.

B. Without concrete evidence, it is best not to _______ on the motives behind someone’s actions.

  1. a) verify
  2. b) spectacle
  3. c) speculate
  4. d) traverse


SAT 2022 March


A. The scientist approached the new theory with _______ until sufficient evidence was presented.

B. There is a lot of _______ surrounding the claims of the paranormal investigator.

  1. a) skepticism
  2. b) schism
  3. c) seismism
  4. d) skimpy



A. The investigative journalist _______ the conspiracy theory by presenting concrete evidence.

B. The researcher _______ the popular conspiracy theory with solid evidence.

  1. a) deboned
  2. b) debarked
  3. c) dubbed
  4. d) debunked



A. The team had _______ opinions on how to approach the problem, leading to a lengthy discussion.

B. The political parties had _______ views on how to address the economic crisis.

  1. a) convergent
  2. b) detergent
  3. c) urgent
  4. d) divergent



A. The company focused on _______ various departments to improve communication and efficiency.

B. The software developer worked on _______ new features into the existing application.

  1. a) separating
  2. b) segregate
  3. c) integrating
  4. d) fragmenting



A. The author wrote a series of _______ the popular fantasy novel, exploring the characters’ pasts.

B. The movie franchise released several _______ expand the backstory of the main protagonist.

  1. a) prequels to
  2. b) sequels to
  3. c) follow-ups to
  4. d) pretext to



A. The software company released multiple _______ of their product, each with added features and improvements.

B. The design team went through several _______ of the logo to ensure they captured the client’s vision.

  1. a) reiterations
  2. b) iterations
  3. c) intimacy
  4. d) first attempt



A. The sunset over the ocean was absolutely _______, with vibrant colors filling the sky.

B. The actress wore a _______ gown that turned heads on the red carpet.

  1. a) stunting
  2. b) impending
  3. c) unimpressive
  4. d) stunning



A. A simple apology _______ to resolve the minor misunderstanding between friends.

B. The available evidence _______ to convince the jury of the defendant’s guilt.

  1. a) suffered
  2. b) sufficed
  3. c) suffixed
  4. d) surfed



A. The painting _______ a serene countryside scene with rolling hills and a peaceful river.

B. The author skillfully _______ the struggles of the main character in her novel.

  1. a) depicted
  2. b) obscured
  3. c) predicted
  4. d) dedicated



A. The contract’s _______ was confirmed by a legal expert, ensuring its enforceability.

B. The detective sought additional evidence to establish the _______ of the witness’s testimony.

  1. a) severability
  2. b) validity
  3. c) inaccuracy
  4. d) unreliability





  1. “Intrigue”

Means to arouse curiosity or interest by compelling qualities; fascinate.


  1. Reclusive

Seeking or preferring seclusion or isolation.


  1. Equivalent

Equal in value, measure, force, effect, significance, etc.


  1. Deceptive

Giving an appearance or impression different from the true one; misleading.


  1. Conform to

To comply with rules, standards, or expectations; to behave or act in accordance with prevailing customs or practices.


  1. Stalk

To pursue or approach stealthily and often with hostile intent.


  1. Adjust to

To adapt or modify oneself to new conditions or circumstances.


  1. Legitimacy

The quality or state of being legitimate, valid, or lawful.


  1. Concede

To admit or acknowledge as true, just, or proper, often reluctantly or unwillingly.


  1. Speculate

To form opinions or conclusions based on incomplete or uncertain information.


  11. Skepticism

Skeptical attitude or doubt towards the truth, reliability, or value of something.


  12. Debunked

Exposed as false or exaggerated; to prove a claim or belief to be incorrect.


  13. Divergent

Tending to be different or deviate from a standard or common course; differing from each other.


  14. Integrating

Combining or bringing together separate elements into a unified whole.


  15. Prequels to

Works, typically in literature or film, that depict events or stories that precede those of a previously established work.


  16. “Iterations”

The repetition or version of a process, procedure, or cycle.


  17. “Stunning”

Extremely impressive or attractive; causing a strong emotional impact.


  18. “Sufficed”

To be enough or adequate; to meet a particular need or requirement.


  19. “Depicted”

Represented or shown in a particular way; to portray or describe something through visual or verbal means.


  20. “Validity”

The quality or state of being logically or factually sound; having a solid foundation or support.