SAT Vocab Quiz | SAT 2022 April


2022 April


A. The captivating novel _______ readers in a vivid and imaginative world.
B. She _______ herself in meditation to find inner peace and tranquility.

a) immerses
b) emerges
c) imprints
d) embraces

A. The new evidence presented in court _______ the accused and led to their acquittal.
B. After years of doubt, his theory was finally _______ by scientific research.

a) incinerated
b) reinvigorated
c) indicated
d) vindicated

A. The _______ of social media has changed the way people communicate and share information.
B. The study revealed the high _______ of obesity among children in the region.

a) scarcity
b) relevance
c) resilience
d) prevalence

A. The spelling errors in the report _______ from its professionalism and credibility.
B. The lack of proper maintenance detracted from the beauty of the historic building.

a) attract(ed)
b) contract(ed)
c) detract(ed)
d) distort(ed)

A. The medication helped _______ the patient’s symptoms and provided relief.
B. Taking a warm bath can help _______ stress and promote relaxation.

a) alleviate
b) aggravate
d) illuminate
d) aggregate

A. The prompt action of the firefighters _______ the damage caused by the fire.
B. Planting trees along the coast helps to _______ the effects of erosion and protect the shoreline.

a) mitigate(d)
b) aggravate(d)
c) migrate(d)
d) initiate(d)

A. The virus has the ability to _______ rapidly, making it difficult to develop effective vaccines.
B. Scientists are studying how certain genes _______ in order to better understand the causes of inherited diseases.

a) mute
b) mite
c) mutter
d) mutate

A. The prison provides programs to _______ offenders and help them reintegrate into society.
B. The zoo is working to _______ the injured animals and release them back into the wild.

a) degenerate
b) rehabilitate
c) reincarnate
d) rejuvenate

A. The metal gate showed signs of _______ due to exposure to moisture and salt.
B. The acid rain accelerated the _______ of the statues, causing them to lose their original luster.

a) corrosion
b) erosion
c) conversion
d) excursion

A. She decided to _______ her essay after receiving feedback from her professor.
B. The company had to _______ their financial statements to reflect accurate information.

a) ascend
b) attend
c) amend
d) demand

A. The project started with the _______ of a revolutionary idea that would change the industry.
B. The scientist’s research challenged the existing _______ of the universe.

a) conception
b) exception
c) reception
d) inception

A. The old manufacturing process was _______ and led to high production costs.
B. The _______ transportation system resulted in delays and increased expenses.

a) sufficient
b) effective
c) omniscient
d) inefficient

A. The _______ influence of social media is evident in every aspect of modern life.
B. The smell of freshly baked bread was _______ throughout the bakery.

a) restricted
b) persuasive
c) derisive
d) pervasive

A. She arrived at the party _______, wearing a designer gown and expensive jewelry.
B. He _______ displayed his wealth by driving a luxury car and living in a lavish mansion.

a) sensationally
b) simultaneously
c) ostentatiously
d) expeditiously

A. The theory was built upon the _______ that all humans are inherently selfish.
B. Making _______ without proper evidence can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts.

a) assumption
b) exception
c) consumption
d) reassessment

A. The _______ music brought tears to her eyes, reminding her of a cherished childhood memory.
B. The writer’s _______ descriptions painted a vivid picture in the reader’s mind.

a) provocative
b) evocative
c) vocative
d) locative

A. The _______ actor demanded special treatment and attention on set.
B. Her _______ behavior alienated her friends and colleagues.

a) deliberate
b) mechanical
c) metaphorical
d) egomaniacal

A. The benefits of exercise are _______, including improved physical and mental health.
B. The company offers a _______ range of products to cater to diverse customer needs.

a) handful
b) manifold
c) headland
d) landfill

A. The statistical analysis revealed significant _______ from the predicted outcomes.
B. The architect incorporated creative _______ in the building design to make it stand out.

a) deviations
b) alignments
c) devotions
d) derivations

A. The decision to close the factory had serious _______ for the local economy and employment.
B. The environmental pollution has far-reaching _______ for the ecosystem and public health.

a) reclamations
b) aberrations
c) ramifications
d) explorations



1. “Immerse”
means to involve deeply or completely in an activity or experience.

2. “Vindicate”
means to clear someone of blame or suspicion; to prove someone’s innocence or correctness.

3. “Prevalence”
Meaning The condition of being widespread or common; the frequency or extent of occurrence.

4. “Detract”
means to diminish the value, importance, or quality of something; to take away from its overall excellence.

5. “Alleviate”
means to make suffering, pain, or hardship less severe or intense; to ease or reduce.

6. “Mitigate”
means to make something less severe, harmful, or painful.

7. “Mutate”
means to undergo genetic or structural changes; to develop or alter in form.

8. “Rehabilitate”
means to restore to a good condition, health, or normalcy after illness, injury, or wrongdoing.

9. “Corrosion”
Meaning The process of gradual deterioration or damage caused by chemical reactions, especially on metals or materials.

10. “Amend”
means to make changes or modifications to something, especially a law, document, or plan.

11. “Conception”
Meaning The process of forming an idea, belief, or understanding; the beginning or origin of something.

2. “Inefficient”
Meaning Not achieving maximum productivity or effectiveness; wasteful or ineffective in the use of resources.

3. “Pervasive”
Meaning Present or spreading widely throughout an area or a group of people; prevalent or all-encompassing.

4. “Ostentatiously”
Meaning In a showy or exaggerated manner, especially to attract attention or impress others.

5. “Assumption”
Meaning A belief or supposition based on incomplete information or without evidence; a premise or postulation.

6. “Evocative”
Meaning Tending to evoke or bring forth strong emotions, memories, or associations; highly suggestive or expressive.

7. “Egomaniacal”
Meaning Excessively self-centered or obsessed with one’s own importance, abilities, or achievements.

8. “Manifold”
Meaning Numerous and varied; having many different aspects, features, or forms.

9. “Deviations”
Meaning Departures or divergences from a standard, norm, or expected course; variations or deviations from the usual or conventional.

10. “Ramifications”
Meaning Consequences or results that arise as a result of an action, decision, or event; the branches or offshoots of a complex system.