ACT Vocab Quiz | ACT Form E26 (A)


act_form_E26 A


A. The bright and cheerful decorations seemed _______ in the somber atmosphere of the funeral.
B. His casual attire was _______ with the formal dress code of the event.

a) Incongruous
b) sedate
c) serene
d) incontinent

A. The city commissioned a local artist to paint a vibrant _______ on the side of the library building.
B. The historical _______ in the town square beautifully portrays the area’s rich cultural heritage.

a) graffiti
b) doodle
c) scribble
d) mural

A. The students were _______ up in the excitement of the school’s pep rally, cheering and chanting with enthusiasm.
B. He found himself _______ up in a heated debate, passionately defending his viewpoint.

a) put
b) ended
c) come
d) caught

A. Her guidance and support throughout my career have been _______ to my success.
B. The antique heirloom passed down through generations is not only valuable but also holds _______ sentimental value.

a) vain
b) worthless
c) Invaluable
d) useless

A. The artist used _______ shades of blue to create a calming and serene atmosphere in the painting.
B. She noticed a _______ change in his tone of voice, indicating that something was bothering him.

a) subtle
b) surge
c) substantial
d) subsequent

A. The restaurant served an _______ meal, with each course carefully prepared and presented.
B. The musician’s performance was nothing short of _______, captivating the audience with their skill and expression.

a) redeemable
b) exquisite
c) extensive
d) insignificant

A. The manager decided to hire additional staff to _______ the completion of the project.
B. The government implemented new measures to _______ the processing of visa applications.

a) intermittent
b) sporadic
c) exquisite
d) expedite

A. During the meeting, two members _______ from voting due to a conflict of interest.
B. The athlete _______ from consuming unhealthy foods to maintain a strict training regimen.

a) absorbed
b) abstained
c) adapted
d) accommodated

A. The team of archaeologists used shovels, brushes, and trowels to meticulously _______ the ancient burial site.
B. The construction workers had to _______ a large pit to lay the foundation for the new building.

a) excavate
b) exploit
c) impose
d) induce

A. Despite the convincing arguments, he remained _______ and refused to consider any alternative viewpoints.
B. Her _______ dedication to her goals allowed her to overcome numerous challenges and achieve success.

a) stubby
b) stumble
c) stubborn
d) scramble

A. Each butterfly had _______ patterns on its wings, making them easily identifiable.
B. The two siblings had _______ personalities, with one being outgoing and the other being introverted.

a) distinct
b) equivalent
c) comparable
d) elaborate

A. She _______ a beautiful bouquet of flowers for her friend’s wedding.
B. The team worked collaboratively to _______ a comprehensive report on the project.

a) put together
b) go through
c) get over
d) put off

A. Despite facing setbacks, she remained _______ to succeed and worked tirelessly towards her dreams.
B. His _______ attitude and relentless practice paid off when he finally mastered the challenging piano piece.

a) determined
b) brittle
c) fragile
d) delicate

A. Media outlets have been _______ about the possible outcome of the upcoming election.
B. The detective carefully examined the clues and _______ on the motive behind the crime.

a) speculated
b) precipitated
c) neglected
d) abused

A. The lawyer _______ that the evidence presented was insufficient to support the prosecution’s case.
B. She _______ that a healthy work-life balance is essential for overall well-being and productivity.

a) intended
b) indicated
c) conducted
d) contended





1. Incongruous
“Incongruous” refers to something that is out of place, inconsistent, or not in harmony with its surroundings or context. It describes a lack of harmony or compatibility.

2. Mural
A “mural” refers to a large artwork or painting that is typically created on a wall or other large surface. Murals can be found in public spaces, buildings, or outdoor areas and often depict a specific theme, scene, or message.

3. be/get caught up in something
“To be caught up in” means to become deeply involved or engrossed in something, often to the point of losing awareness of one’s surroundings or other matters.

4. Invaluable
“Invaluable” refers to something that is extremely valuable or priceless, often beyond measure or estimation. It describes something of great worth, significance, or importance.

5. Subtle
“Subtle” refers to something that is delicate, understated, or not immediately obvious. It often implies a sense of nuance, finesse, or complexity.

6. Exquisite
“Exquisite” refers to something that is exceptionally beautiful, elegant, or finely crafted. It denotes a high level of quality, refinement, or attention to detail.

7. Expedite
“Expedite” means to make a process or action happen more quickly or efficiently. It involves taking steps to speed up or facilitate the progress or completion of a task or procedure.

8. Abstained
“Abstained” refers to the act of voluntarily choosing not to vote or participate in a decision or activity. It involves refraining from taking a particular action or expressing a specific opinion.

9. Excavate
“Excavate” refers to the process of digging or removing earth, soil, or other materials from a specific location, typically to uncover artifacts, fossils, or archaeological remains. It involves carefully unearthing and exploring the layers of the ground to reveal hidden information or objects of historical or scientific significance.

10. Stubborn
“Stubborn” is an adjective that describes someone or something as unyielding, resistant to change, or unwilling to compromise. It suggests a persistent, firm, or determined attitude or behavior.

11. Distinct
“Distinct” means clearly separate, different, or easily recognizable. It refers to something that stands out or is unique in its characteristics, qualities, or features.

12. put together
“Put together” means to assemble, organize, or create something by combining various elements or components. It involves bringing different parts or ideas together to form a cohesive whole.

13. determined
“Determined” refers to having a strong resolve, firmness, or commitment to achieve a goal or overcome an obstacle. It implies being driven, persistent, and unwavering in pursuit of one’s objectives.

14. speculated
“Speculated” refers to the act of forming a theory, hypothesis, or conjecture based on limited information or evidence. It involves making an educated guess or assumption about something without having all the facts.

15. contended
“Contended” refers to the act of asserting, arguing, or stating a claim or belief. It involves expressing a viewpoint or position in a confident manner.